Envases Soplados,
a leader

Since 1989, our combination of quality, technology and know-how has allowed us to adapt to the specific needs of each customer, offering a design, research and development service that is unique in the sector. We furnish each product with the highest quality, to guarantee its success on the market for which it is intended.

The industry is increasingly specialised, with a product’s image being one of its most prized aspects. Therefore, our customers seek to stand out from their competition through custom designs.

Quality standards have become much more stringent over the years, which leads us to work alongside our customers to design packaging that keeps their products in optimal condition.

One of the hallmarks of Envases Soplados is its offering of comprehensive solutions (the design of the container, cap, etc.) based on the technology and resources necessary to offer innovative solutions adapted to our customers’ industrial challenges.

We take charge of the entire process, from the customer’s idea to all its subsequent implementation, leading to the most suitable solutions so that their product really stands out on shelves.